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Discover our story, from its creation within the Mincatec group to the current challenges, through a few key dates
Obtaining many labels
Delivery of our demonstrator vehicle: MYTHIC
Patent Filing and Obtaining Three Certifications
Installation of R&D Offices and Workshops in Belfort
Development of the 1kg Solid Hydrogen Storage Tank
Development of our Educational Tool: Autonomous Multifunctional Hydrogen Station
Launch of the SHYPAGE Project

Mincatec Energy leads the SHYPAGE (Stockage d’Hydrogène en Hydrures métalliques pour la Prolongation d’Autonomie et la Génération d’Electricité) project in collaboration with UTBM FC-Lab and two CNRS laboratories, Néel Institute and ICMPE.

The innovative nature of the project lies in the design and development of compact and modular hydrogen storage tanks using metal hydrides. These tanks enable co-generation by utilizing the thermal energy produced, allowing for the valorization of the energy for other purposes.

The SHYPAGE project aims to revolutionize hydrogen storage technology by providing efficient and versatile solutions for extended autonomy and electricity generation. Through this collaboration of expertise, we strive to contribute to the advancement of clean and sustainable energy systems.