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At Mincatec Energy, we believe that improving energy use will protect our life and future; so our team develop an innovative solid hydrogen storage technology.

1- At Mincatec Energy, we believe that « success» rhymes with « team».

  • By combining all our skills and knowledge, we have built a motivated, persevering, and ambitious team.

  • Mincatec Energy favors professional diversity and cohesion to increase its performance.

  • Proximity and mutual aid within the team are fundamental values to progress and reach our objectives.

2- Innovation is an integral part of Mincatec Energy's DNA.

  • In its perpetual quest for innovation, Mincatec Energy maintains a high level of research in its technological field to find disruptive solutions.

  • Daring and innovation are the key words at Mincatec Energy to achieve excellence.

  • Staying at the forefront of innovation is our goal to materialize our vision: to become a key player in hydrogen storage for an efficient energy transition.

3- Our positive energy dictates and guides all our decisions and actions.

  • Mincatec Energy is committed to providing our customers with a unique, rewarding and sustainable experience.

  • Our passionated teams are committed to find and deliver turnkey solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Our added-value is driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the entire Mincatec Energy team.

4- At Mincatec Energy, meeting commitments is fundamental.

  • Respecting our environmental and social commitments is a priority for us to actively contribute to a fairer, more equitable and sustainable world.
  • Mincatec Energy holds many certifications, guarantee of quality and organization in all our processes.
  • We aim at our customers satisfaction and implement a continuous improvement approach to achieve it.

5- Trust : a key element at Mincatec Energy.

  • Our goal? Be the “hydrogen storage” evidence for all, thanks to the performance and safety of our low pressure solid hydrogen storage solution.

  • We attach great value to establishing a long-term relationship of proximity with our customers for an efficient integration of our technology.

  • Trust and listening within our company are the driving forces for
    working in a friendly and peaceful environment.

Our CSR-ESG approach: an investment for a more responsible future.

Our CSR-ESG approach is more than just a commitment; it is an investment in a more responsible future for all. We believe that it is our responsibility to integrate environmental, social, and governance criteria into all our decisions and actions.