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Mincatec Energy offers a versatile, self-contained hydrogen station specifically designed for the production and consumption of carbon-free hydrogen, with a focus on training purposes.

SHYAM - Autonomous Multifunction Hydrogen Station

Training tool for green hydrogen production and consumption.

Mincatec Energy offers a versatile, autonomous hydrogen station (100W) dedicated to green hydrogen production through a solar-powered electrolyzer. The hydrogen storage is achieved using a low-pressure metal hydride reservoir, a technology developed by MINCATEC Energy. This reservoir supplies a fuel cell for on-demand electricity generation. The station is equipped with a power outlet to connect electrical devices and simulate residential power consumption.

Educational objectives

– Hydrogen Life Cycle: Hydrogen Production through Electrolysis (Green Hydrogen), Hydrogen Storage (Low Pressure), and its Utilization via a Fuel Cell.

– Operating principle of a solar station, electricity production via renewable energy

– Introduction to the concept of hybrid systems: Multiple energy sources, chemical batteries, hydrogen, photovoltaic panels.

– Principles of control for a complex system: Sensors, actuators.

– Operating principles of CAN Bus communication protocols.

– Principles of a multi-source energy management strategy.

– Notions of voltage conversion: DC/DC & DC/AC.

Let’s build a zero-emission, sustainable, and secure energy future.