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Mincatec Energy at the MH2024 Symposium

MINCATEC Energy, sponsor of the MH2024 international symposium in Saint-Malo ! 🌊

MINCATEC Energy was the sponsor of the prestigious MH2024 symposium, an exceptional event dedicated to metal hydrides, which took place from May 26 to 31, 2024, at the Palais du Grand Large in Saint-Malo.

The event brought together a community of researchers and experts in the field of metal hydrides, highlighting solutions with high industrial potential.

A unique opportunity to present our industrial solution

This event was an opportunity for us to present our industrial solid-state hydrogen storage solution and its outstanding performance. At the Industrial Pitches conference, our Managing Director, Emmanuel BOUTELEUX, highlighted our ongoing efforts to transform the energy sector with our innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solution.

A Disruptive French Solution

MINCATEC Energy is proud to bring to the international market a disruptive French solution that contributes to the decarbonization of industries, buildings and mobility. Our hydrogen storage tanks are designed to adapt to various fields, including mobility, helping to decarbonize off-road vehicles, trains, boats and light mobility solutions. These tanks offer excellent performance in terms of throughput, adapt to available space and optimize the overall thermal management of systems.

In addition to mobility, our solutions are also aimed at the stationary sector for massive storage of renewable energies, decarbonization of industries and self-consumption of buildings. We firmly believe that our technologies will play a crucial role in the transition to a greener, more sustainable energy future.


We would like to thank the organizers and participants of this symposium for the enriching technical lectures and promising discussions in favor of a virtuous energy future. Many thanks to Fermin CUEVAS and Yaroslav FILINCHUK for organizing the 18th Metal Hydride Symposium !

For more information on our solutions and our participation in this event, please follow us on LinkedIn and visit our website.